The Uncle Bob Phenomena and wedding guest with camera phones/ Ipads and SLR'S

As any wedding photographer knows, one of the worst things to happen on someones wedding day is when a guest completely destroys the picture perfect moment you've been hired to capture. Whether they stand up in the aisle during the first kiss, take photos with their ipads and phones in front of your camera, or inadvertently cause half the family to look off to the side during posed family portraits, wedding photo bombs can be a real headache.

This is why I'm now offering 5% off all full day "Unplugged Weddings"!

An unplugged wedding is when you ask your family, friends and guest to turn off their phones, ipads, cameras and other digital distractions during the ceremony or reception. The purpose is to allow the hired wedding photographer the chance to capture the wedding as efficiently and perfectly as possible without possibly missing key shots caused by obtrusive guests. "Uncle Bobs"

Heres a few examples of what I mean, these examples are not from weddings I have been hired for, but believe me...I do have my own collection! ;)

This is an example of a guest taking a picture with flash! KILLER! There is absolutely NOTHING I can do to combat a flash from a guest photographer’s camera.  There is rarely anything that will save the image and no repositioning will change the outcome. There are hundreds of images that wedding professionals have had ruined from someones elses camera flash. 

Bottom line:  my priority the day of the wedding is on my clients.  They have paid me their hard-earned money to make sure I document their wedding and when an "Uncle Bob" with his entry level SLR or wedding guest with her Ipad gets in the way, it makes me sad.  I think often people don’t realize what they are doing and me writing this post was in the hope to educate a few people that will take this advice and either have an unplugged wedding or think of the professional before jumping in the aisle for that shot to post on Instagram. 

If any of my clients are interested in an Unplugged wedding, great! As mentioned before I'm now offering 5% off your full day coverage :) Talk to me... 

(The 5% offer does not apply to weddings that have already been booked. This must be made clear by the couple that they would like to go unplugged at the time of booking and before the contract is signed. The 5% also cannot be applied to destination weddings due to individual pricing). That said, this should hopefully not put you off going unplugged!